5 KEY REASON FOR ENTREPRENEURS AND BUSINESSES TO OUTSOURCE THEIR PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING   Outsourcing your Public Relations and Marketing is an essential aspect of driving your business forward. Sometimes it needs an objective eye to tell your story well and with conviction. However innovative and successful your company, it’s unlikely that customers will be beating a path to your door without at least a little encouragement. Effective Public

THREE BASIC ESSENTIALS ABOUT PR YOU NEED TO KNOW IT’S ABOUT NEWS People ask me all the time, what is PR? In a nutshell, it’s about news. Yes, it’s about other things but public relations is news. That’s what drives it. Literally, it’s the word ‘new’ with an ‘s’. If it’s new it makes news, and then it goes into print, online or the Nightly News. If you have something

NEVER TOO HUNGOVER PRESENTS 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND; Invites You to Celebrate AND Feel Great the Next Morning   Las Vegas, NV – May 24, 2017 – Never Too Hungover, the nation’s leader in the budding hangover prevention/recovery category, is thrilled to report that Memorial Day Weekend, the holiday Americans consider the official start of summer, is nearly here. It’s time to prepare for the occasion with a

  DON’T BE AFRAID OF CORPORATE CRITICISM (AND BELIEVE IN UNICORNS)   I can’t remember the last time I left my desk at 10:30am on a workday morning to go to Starbucks. But I did just that last week because of a disgruntled barista and an unusual sugary beverage called a Unicorn Frappaccino. I didn’t see any of the coffee chain’s official promotion but read an article on the Washington

YOUR 5 POINT PUBLIC RELATIONS PRESCRIPTION Public Relations plans are more important to businesses than ever before. With the Internet finding its way to every phone and home, it’s easier to stay connected to customers and construct marketing plans with enormous reach. It’s up to you to meet this challenge head on, and you can do that by having your PR plan in place. Whatever questions people ask, you must

5 MUST-KNOW TECHNIQUES THAT GET RETURN CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Attracting customers is not as difficult as it sounds. People are generally open to trying new products and services, if you angle your offering correctly, provide value and have the right combination of public relations and marketing. Your real problem is getting return customers for your business. Even fully satisfied customers may end up never returning because they were lured by other

I get asked this question all the time: What should my business be doing on social media? In my experience there are 4 things you should ask yourself about your company’s social media. Does your social media… Engage? Enlist? Educate? Entertain? For maximum engagement, your social media has to offer all ‘4 E’s’ in equal balance. If people engage with your business content they will be loyal and importantly, they

Los Angeles, CA, March 2017 – Go ahead, step into the political fray – it’s trending steeply — by combining your hip casual wear style with a bold statement about what really matters. Not only are the Liberal Leggings/capris incredibly comfortable and fashionable, they make it clear what you stand for. Choose from the classy styled PEACE AND LOVE, RESIST, WE GO HIGH, THE FUTURE IS FEMALE, NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED

  HOW TO IMPROVE ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK FOR BETTER POST REACH   Back in the old days, Facebook showed all of your posts to all of your fans. Today’s post reach is much more limited, averaging at around 15 percent of your audience per post. Engagement is one of the biggest things Facebook thinks about when picking which posts to push into the news feed. When a post gets a

TEN REASONS YOUR COMPANY NEEDS A PUBLICIST NOW MORE THAN EVER Indisputably, news about your company impacts your potential customers infinitely more than advertising – and far more cost effectively. You want it to be positive, timely and accurate news. So why does your business need a publicist now more than ever? Here are ten reasons why… 1. No one is looking for you — unless you’re in trouble (and then

HOW TO MAKE THE MEDIA LOVE YOU The name Bill Gates might not immediately conjure up a vision of chocolate-shaped hearts and flowers but you should love him for this one quote, if nothing else: “If I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations”. Has the Microsoft billionaire made your heart flutter yet? PR is important (Bill knows it, I know it) but how

  IN PRAISE OF HIGH STANDARDS IN JOURNALISM AND PR   At Black Ink PR we work with clarity, conviction, courage and we always value high standards. Working with integrity is at the foundation of what we do. I absolutely love my profession, and one of my greatest joys is working with dedicated journalists and supporting them and their work. The relationships we have built over more than 20 years