Read how I played Mom contrarian and this favorite family photo got printed OPPOSITES ATTRACT… GREAT PUBLICITY   Here’s a Black Ink PR Pro Tip that’s guaranteed to get you ink: be a contrarian. Don’t take the opposite view on this (see what I did there?) because to make yourself heard above the crowd, you need to be able to express the opposite view. Simply put, if you can clearly present a

WHY I BROKE MY CARDINAL RULE OF MARKETING   This summer I broke my own cardinal rule of marketing – be consistent. I tell it to clients all the time: “Whatever you chose to, be consistent with it. Consistency is king.” Because with consistency comes business growth, brand recognition and marketing strength. But I didn’t pay attention to any of that this summer. I was pretending I was European and took

GET YOUR FUNNY ON! MARKETING LESSONS WE CAN LEARN FROM COMEDIANS Comedians are fast becoming the biggest entrepreneurs in the world. When Louis C.K decided to cut out Ticketmaster and sell his own tour tickets, and then offer his new comedy special as a pay-per-view event via his website, he went from stand-up artist to online entrepreneur. < The most successful comedians are good to their loyal fans and are

OLD SCHOOL MARKETING – NEW RESULTS   Technology is the business-owner’s friend. It brings us thousands of networking opportunities, builds online communities and promotes our products. If technology was a person, I would be buying it flowers every day as a heart-felt thank you for making my life easier. But there’s something about good old-fashioned manners that you just can’t recreate with a text or status update. I always give

PR AND SEO  “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS”   If SEO and PR went speed dating, they’d be sure to hook up. The attraction is mutual – and the modern day marketing equivalent of love at first sight. Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can enhance a website, blog or news story, attracting the attention of clients, bloggers and journalists. The more effective your SEO, the more links you will generate, and the higher

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle Pam Scott   Congratulations to Pam Scott, Director of Corporate Communications at Red Lion Hotels, who has the distinct honor of becoming the first person to be indoctrinated into Black Ink PR’s prestigious Winner’s Circle. Why? Because she writes the best away messages ever. She has taken an every-day task and turned it into marketing magic – and also pure joy. Black Ink PR applauds

WHY YOU NEED TO TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO SELL A few days ago a kid turned up on my doorstep selling chocolate to raise money for his school’s basketball team. This kid, his team’s star player, looked like he was being tortured. He may have been able to shoot hoops but he couldn’t make a sale if his life depended on it. It was painful to watch. He didn’t

Thoroughly Modern Marketing This morning I hit the ground running. I started with a satellite media tour, followed by an hour-long international Skype conference, before hosting a half hour ‘tweet up’ for a new client. The only other thing I did before noon, that could have been achieved before 2005, was brew a fresh pot of coffee. And the coffee like everything else that morning, was a joy. Jane Jetson

Why Be A Secret When You Can Be A Success? If you’re a business that needs to build your profile, finding the money to spend on your marketing budget is essential . Why take the time to build up your business, only to hide it away? You wouldn’t do that if you were dating. Think about it – you don’t get an expensive haircut, put on your dazzling red dress and high

All hail Mama Kardashian, Kris Jenner. MARKETING LESSONS FROM MAMA KARDASHIAN The self-proclaimed ‘momager’ and Kardashian matriarch took a family that no-one knew or cared about and turned them into a billion dollar industry. A decade ago she was best known as lawyer Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife. When she married Olympian Bruce Jenner he was living in a one-bedroom apartment and $500,000 in debt. Although he was a motivational speaker she

The Pope is now Tweeting – and so should you (His Holiness @pontifex has nearly 1.5 million followers). 5 WAYS TO TWEET BETTER In fact, Twitter now has more than half a billion globally registered profiles, with over 142 million users in the USA alone, tweeting around 175 million times a day. The most popular events on Twitter (American Idol, the Presidential Election, anything Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga related) generate tens of

HOW TO TURN YOUR CUSTOMERS INTO CHEERLEADERS Your customers have big mouths – bigger than ever. But that can be a good thing! You only have to look at the success of Trip Advisor, Yelp or Angie’s List to realise that word-of-mouth promotes the strongest message. For PR purposes, nothing beats it. Which means that when your happy customers tell the world about you and your services, more will come knocking. Social