HILLARY CLINTON’S LASER-SHARP FOCUS Whatever your politics there’s no denying that Hillary Clinton has made her mark in this world. She is one formidable women, a glass-ceiling breaker and a force to be reckoned with. When anyone asks me who the one person I would like to meet is, or who inspires me the most, the answer is always Hillary Clinton. The current Secretary of State (three years and counting)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN…HOW TO HOOK ‘EM GANGNAM STYLE! We get so many people saying we want to ‘go viral’, that we’ve started to focus on answering the question. South Korean rapper PSY swept the charts around the world with his hit, Gangnam Style. From his appearance on Saturday Night Live to the Today show, he’s put a smile on all our faces with his cheeky dance moves and catchy chorus. So

WE DID IT! PREMIER TOURS IS NUMBER ONE ON GOOGLE! We’re proud to shout it from the rooftops, and don our PR tiaras, that we were able to position our client, Premier Tours, from the bottom of page four on Google, to the TOP OF PAGE ONE. Search for them now, you’ll find them at the top of the list. (Here’s where we insert our smiley face). It’s almost impossible

GOING VIRAL – SHOW ME YOUR DANCING BABY Everyone’s going viral these days. Sweeping the internet with your blog or video has become one of the newest – and cheapest – ways of getting your business message out into the world. But how do you ensure successful domination of social media sites and inboxes everywhere? Easy. Get a dancing baby. And while there are no guarantees that a break-dancing infant

Why You Should Act Like A Teenager Why update your Facebook status? If you’re 14, this question may as well read, “Why bother breathing?” Today’s media-savvy youngsters update their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts as regularly as they ask their parents for money. But alien as it might be to someone who remembers when Betamax video recorders existed (along with the dinosaurs, right?), this is how we now stay

HOW TASTY IS YOUR “BUSINESS SMOOTHIE”?   If you examine successful businesses, you’ll see that they share many delicious traits. Great brands are inspiring machines that thrive on various tricks and ideas blended together to create something powerful. Fantastic leadership and a unique vision should be at the heart of your “business smoothie” but you need a few more ingredients to really get the party started. Mix together the following,

THE WISDOM OF IN-N-OUT BURGER What? A burger that has intelligence? Think of it this way… sometimes change isn’t always for the best; sometimes innovation gets in the way of a brilliant product. In-N-Out Burger is a west Californian burger chain that does one thing only – but it does it well. They serve a limited menu that has been pulling in loyal customers since 1948, and can now boast 275

BE A SOCIAL MEDIA OLYMPIAN The 2012 London Olympics may be over but this glorious sporting event has left us with some fabulous memories (not to mention 104 medals, 46 of them gold – go Team USA!). We can learn a lot about social media from the Olympics as they share many similarities: both bring a diverse group of people together, both need its participants to be active, and used

MARKETING LESSONS FROM LADY GAGA You may not be a fan of her music but you’d be a fool not to admire Lady Gaga’s entrepreneurial skills. She’s never attended business school but this opinionated 25-year-old has built a unique brand based on her music career, and taken marketing to new heights. She has legions of fans she calls her “little monsters”, has sold around 100 million records worldwide, has banked

WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR BUYERS TO BELIEVE? If you want to get under the skin of your clients, don’t be generic with the message you are sending out to the world. Think about what you are selling. And think about what others sell, and how they sell it. Volvo doesn’t just sell cars, it sells safety. McDonalds doesn’t just sell burgers, it sells convenience. Gatorade isn’t just a sports drink

SASSY SOUND BITES: Your Ultimate Media Weapon and One of My Favorite Tricks  (Utilize Rhythm & Repetition) It’s one thing talking to an audience, but quite another having the skill to sum up your thoughts in a way that will keep the crowd hanging on to your every word.  But if you want to make a splash in the media world, creating a good sound bite is an essential step

SEEING IS BELIEVING: Get Visual, Get Clever, Get Coverage   There’s so much STUFF on the internet these days. Endless photo-sharing sites (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr), pages of words and silly images – cats with their heads stuck in bread, dancing babies and photographs doctored to look like they were taken in 1971. It’s a lot fun but how does that help you and your social media marketing? Trouble is,