TO MARKET WE GO: REAL HOUSEWIVES OFFER REAL INSPIRATION The Real Housewives series is a reality show so how can we learn anything from those mouthy, over-made up – and let’s face it – mostly irritating women? Well, take Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York – she went from being part of a reality ensemble cast member to CEO of her own mulit-million dollar drink company by having

THREE SIMPLE BUDGET-FRIENDLY PR SPENDS   Whatever your budget you can always afford to market yourself, your company and your product, smarter. Here are three ways to polish your image and impress your clients, and potential clients. THE $5 SPEND A hand-written note. Take a few minutes to jot a few words on some quality stationery. Compared to a full-blown ad campaign, paper is cheap but the end result is priceless,

CAN YOU LOVE (AND MARKET) YOUR UGLY?   This is one of the premises of the great stand up comedy. You share all the things about yourself that you don’t like with a roomful of strangers and before you know it, they’re laughing, you’re laughing and you feel free. Now, if you can do the same with your business, you’ll find yourself embracing your flaws, which in turn will humanize

ARE YOU RELEVANT?   Sometimes you have to ask the most obnoxious questions and ‘Are you relevant?’ is most definitely the marketing equivalent of ‘Does my butt look big in this?’ You want to know the answer and at the same time you don’t…all the while knowing what the answer will be.  Yes, it’s horrifying to look at you, your product and your business in the mirror and ask ‘Am

HOW TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS LOVE YOU… (CHOCOLATE NOT INVOLVED)   It is not just your imagination or just a hectic week. The pace of life really is faster. And getting faster all the time. Technology is NOT simplifying our lives. Yes, it is making us more productive, but the very real increase in our productivity falls behind the more rapidly growing demands of our businesses, employers and families. What problem

YOUR BEST MARKETING TOOL IS $3   Sure as spring follows winter, your business has seasons, holidays and cycles– if for no other reason than your customers and suppliers do.  How to best get in synch with your business’ seasons to drive sales? A marketing calendar. A 52-week calendar that cues you when to adjust your marketing campaign actics, themes and promotions to be in alignment with the one person that

OccupyLA is slated to come down today, I’m proud of all the young people adding their spirit and support. This country needs you.  I’m also proud of the city I live in, Los Angeles has been really peaceful and in general well supported by our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Wish I could contribute more, but as a working Mom, it’s hard to find the time. I would, however, as a professional

FREE DESSERT – WHAT’S YOURS? My husband’s family loves this little Italian restaurant in the Valley. It’s non-descript, average sized sign and the first time I walked in realized I’d been passing it by for years.  But not my husband’s clan. They love it. And have been returning for generations. And bringing everyone they know. What makes it so special? The owner. He stands at the door and greets everyone with

Every Word Counts – What’s Your Word for Success? When my son and husband dropped me off at the airport last week, my four-year-old didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting on the plane with me. “It’s work, sweetie. Mommy takes trips for money.” Later that day, he told his teacher “My mommy takes tricks for money”.  Suddenly, I’m quite popular at the PTA. Communication comes replete with misunderstandings and misperceptions

Buddy Up and Welcome to the Winner’s Circle… There’s strength in numbers, and a brand can be greatly enhanced by buddying up with the right partner. Take Cambria, a beautiful central Californian town, located on Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s always been one of my favorite places, however I was just there this weekend, and they stole my marketing heart! They joined forces with the entire

DONALD TRUMP’S SECRET INGREDIENTS TO GREAT PR Donald Trump is a business magnate who has a sharp eye for making-money but also for taking ballsy career decisions that most people would shy away from. What’s more, he has stared adversity in the face and come out fighting. These days aside from his property and business deals he has managed to re-brand himself as a television presenter thanks to his inspired – and

Kathy Griffin, the media-savvy and loud-mouthed comedienne, catapulted her way to success with her uproarious antics and no-shame claim to fame. She works her flaws with humor and panache but only made the jump from D to A list when she zeroed in on making celebrities the butt of her jokes.Target marketing, my friends.  Her biting, bitchy and sometimes self-deprecating take on life found an appreciative audience but she didn’t