Ryan Seacrest almost defies description but entrepreneur is a good place to start. This incredibly driven hard-worker is best known as the host of  American Idol but he’s also a radio presenter, hosts E!’s flagship news program and is a TV producer with many successful projects under his belt, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You could call him a living, breathing Energiser Bunny. His hopeful and optimistic attitude has no doubt helped set him on a path to success becoming the highest paid presenter on US television, but he took his break as a kid’s TV presenter back in the early Nineties and ran with it. He has turned himself into a modern day Dick Clark. Ryan Seacrest’s name has become synonymous with today’s pop culture and he has created a brand that is unmistakable, undeniable and universal. Is your press campaign building your brand and uncovering every possible opportunity? 


Ryan Seacrest


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