How NETFLIX Has Influenced Marketing

When it comes to modern viewing habits everybody gets what they want, when they want it. Netflix has made immediate gratification possible and that’s where your marketing needs to be.
People should to be able to connect with you while wearing their pajamas from the comfort of their couch, on their schedule and when it’s convenient for them.
With Netflix it’s a case of the consumer saying, “Here’s my money, now I want my product delivered”. There’s no waiting in line, no bot on the phone, no Google voicemail, no email sent into a void. Netflix is instant and it works brilliantly.
This translates in marketing terms to you being equally available. There are now so many platforms to be visual and accessible without you physically being in the equation that there’s no excuse. 
If you want to get to know me better there’s plenty about me professionally on the internet. And here’s the thing, I’m not just on one platform but several.
Do you remember how frustrating it was to call the cable company and wait for the TV installation guy? How unsatisfying it was to wait for somebody to get back to you? Those days are long gone.
People are now used to accessing everything instantly. You can even order fast food and get it delivered to your front door. I do all my banking on my smartphone using just a thumbprint to access my accounts.
What that means is if I now meet someone who wants to show me their portfolio in person I lose interest. I don’t have time for that. Give me a link, a website, or even a social media account.
I see people who have phone numbers on their websites and when you call it’s just a Google voice person. That’s not good enough. My money just went elsewhere. Don’t make it hard for me to know you, buy from you and be with you.
Start to think like Netflix. Be like Grace & Frankie or The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel and make yourself accessible at all times. Marketing has changed and there’s no going back. If you can be available to everybody at all times and you’ll never worry about connecting with your audience again.

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