Consult Ink

Black Ink PR: Intro Consulting Packages When You Want It Bold, You Need Black Ink


Here’s something you should know: you are a brand. You may not realize it yet but if you’re trying to sell something, whether it is a business, service, product or yourself, branding is essential. But your brand is worth nothing unless your talents are showcased, seen and maximized. Powerful public relations is more vital than ever in a world where the white noise of social networking, blogging and tweeting is making it increasingly harder to stand out. By booking a consulting call with Margot, you can access a professional and consistent approach to your marketing. Choose from the menu below for a package that will help you fulfill your business potential – and let your talents be seen.


If you want to see yourself succeed but don’t know how to ensure that others see you, or aren’t really sure how they are seeing you, then a CONSULTINK package is a worthy investment. Margot will audit and review your entire PR/Marketing plan from media outreach, story creation, logo, graphics, social media and press exposure, including TV, print, magazine and radio campaigns, to help you take your brand and public relations efforts to the winners circle. As an objective observer of your talents, goals and ambitions, Margot can assist you in taking stock of where you are, where you want to be and how to get there in as direct a route as possible. Fee: $495 1.5 hrs.


Want to make sure what you’re doing is on track and/or get a PR brainstorm but don’t know how to go about doing it? Then you need to THINK LIKE INK. Call Margot – a PR Problem-solver. Pick her brains during a one and a half hour phone call to brain-storm your PR issues. Ask her any questions you might have about your branding, marketing, website, graphics, or social media in this relaxed environment. Trouble-shoot specific problems, such as, “How do I get on TV?” or “Am I media worthy?” If you THINK LIKE INK, this information-loaded phone conversation could be a vital step in taking your business to the next level. Fee:$495 1.5 hrs.

BOLD INK – Step #1 and Step #2 combined

By combining the CONSULTINK and THINK LIKE INK packages together, you can take advantage of this powerful, all-encompassing over-view of all your PR needs and take your PR campaign to the next level – Sucess!. Fee:$900