The Key to Your Marketing Kingdom

Essential in today’s marketplace (ok, any marketplace, anywhere, ever) is that your consumer must know, like and trust you in order to buy from you. No trust, no leap of faith, no purchase.

Social media marketing, publicity and content marketing can all be great assets to you and your business. The more you see something, the more familiar you feel with it. People can be prompted into buying things they might not initially want and then be swayed to the fact that they really need them mostly because they keep seeing it. Hence, the power and popularity of retargeting. Visibility breeds familiarity and trust.

What’s in it for you? Social media can help you be omnipresent across all channels and all platforms, plus combined with email marketing you can also be visible in people’s inbox. Your audience may not always engage with you, they may not even acknowledge that they’ve seen you, but rest assured that your presence breeds a cozy familiarity. Also – in business, people trust consistency. Consistency in business is sexy. You combine visibility and consistency, and you will have many more possibilities and opportunities – regardless of what you seek.

If this is alien thinking to you then flip it around because the other side of this equation is invisibility. And one thing I can tell you about invisibility is that you pretty much get nothing from it. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

So, are you willing to be visible… or not visible?

Email newsletters – like this one – are the perfect visibility tool because you own the information within it, and you control who gets it. If you’re reading this mailer, please note that you have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. I hope we’ve been in a relationship for a while, I hope you’ve learned something and that I’ve been able to serve you.

Repetition, visibility, and consistency bring power in business today. They bring power because they bring you possibilities, opportunities, and choice. And freedom to choose who we want to work with and what we want to do is truly what most people and businesses are after in the end.  Here’s the equation to bring you what you want Consistency + repetition+ visibility = consistent opportunity.

So be brave. Don’t think to yourself “I did it for a little while and it didn’t work”. Better to think…” I always do it, I am consistent with it and it will consistently attract the people who are right for me and my business over the long run”.  

There is, however, a downside of being visible. You have to deal with people asking for your time, for discounts and for things you don’t want to give them but to that I say this:

At least your funnel will be filled.

Visibility gives you options while invisibility gives you no choice at all. One comes with responsibility, and one comes with nothing. You have a choice but at the same time you really don’t. Visibility holds the key to the kingdom. So, which one are you choosing?

We’re here to help you be visible with consistency, kindness, and creativity so that the right people can find you. If you need us, reach out us, we’re here to help. Be brave, be marketing, be visible.

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