The Team

Cássio Terani

With 20 years experience as a public relations /marketing professional, Cássio’s diverse marketplace understanding and cutting edge talents have given him the expertise required to excel developing dynamic, creative, successful campaigns for companies and professionals around the globe.

Cássio’s talents thrive in today’s digital marketing and public relations new media landscape . Always on top of the latest trends and technologies in all forms of social media, Cassio is extraordinarily well versed in managing messages, content and audiences across all digital platforms . Whether you are looking for a new web site, an online advertising campaign, a revision of your current online material, search engine optimization, web site content creation, or any other form of digital marketing, Cássio delivers precision programs that will enhance your company’s exposure to reach your target audience.

Cássio has worked for companies such as Bridgestone, Fox Sports Net, Playboy Entertainment, Hilton Hotels, and others in the capacity of vp of public relations and marketing manager. Cassio has an ever present quest for knowledge, he holds a master degree in marketing from UCLA and is currently pursuing a PHD in organizational leadership.