4 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service During the Holidays

My family plays full out on Halloween, it’s the one holiday we go “all in”. This year we started super late and I found myself at Halloween Town with a huge crowd on Saturday. One employee went so far out of their way to help our 10 year-old son find the costume he was searching for for his father. She made our Halloween a huge success. That store in Burbank is part of our Halloween tradition and I hope it continues to be for another decade.

Every member of your customer service team is a brand ambassador, and often the first and only human being that consumers will interact with when it comes to your company. The holiday season demands that you and your team bring your A-game. Here\’s how.

Train Your Team Beyond the Basics

Your training program should explain more than customer service specifics; it should address every aspect of your business. Share why you founded the company, where you source your materials, and the details of your product offerings. Invite reps to navigate your website and place an order that\’s on you, then tour your fulfillment facility with them as their orders are processed. Schedule an event where they can meet and mingle with your other employees. The more knowledgeable your team is about your business, the more equipped they will be to address consumer issues. Give them ample time to experience and understand your inventory and all the different aspects of it. And, of course, make sure they are well versed on all of  your offerings and the prices.

Have Reps Open with a Festive and Friendly Greeting

When a consumer contacts your company, whether by phone, email, or online chat, have your reps open with a festive and friendly greeting. \”Ho, ho, ho! How can I help make the holidays easier for you?\” or \”This is Chris, chief snowball maker. I\’m eager to help you today, but let me take my mittens off first.\”  This sets the tone that your company is ready to assist, and the holiday humor may even elicit an appreciative chuckle from consumers.

Empower Your Reps to Spread Holiday Cheer

When a consumer contacts your company, it\’s usually because of a question or a complaint. And because consumers are harried during the holidays, their anger, frustration, and sadness may be magnified. Empower your reps to bestow special promotions on the most deserving consumers. Complimentary gift wrapping, free express shipping, or a 25 percent discount will help to ease seasonal angst.

Lavish Your Team with Perks

Fielding consumer requests during the holiday season is stressful business. Take care of your customer service team: pay well, schedule shorter shifts, and provide extras during breaks, such as healthy food and onsite entertainment and exercise activities. A happier team will interact more positively with consumers and will result in positive sentiment toward your company.It\’s imperative that your customer service reps understand how important they are to the success of the business, especially during the holiday season. Train your team beyond the basics, have reps open with a festive and friendly greeting, empower reps to spread holiday cheer, and lavish your team with perks. Consumers will remember and recommend your company long after all the holiday decorations are packed away.

Oh, and one more tip as we slide into the holidays — stretchy pants rule.

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