Hello from Hollywood! We had a facelift, need one too?

We had a facelift, need one too?


Hello from the showbiz capital of the world!

We\’re sorry that we\’ve been absent from your inbox for a few weeks, but with good reason. Everybody in Hollywood gets some work done and we decided it was time for an update too.

Check out our fresh new website update at www.blackinkpr.com It\’s such a good nip and tuck, you’d probably never know if we didn’t tell you.

Everybody in this town needs to pay attention to appearances and so we decided to give ourselves a little refresher too (and just in time for the upcoming awards season too!).

At Black Ink PR & Marketing, an award-winning boutique PR/Marketing agency, we specialize in earned media, owned media and social media. We know how to put you in the spotlight and get you the attention you deserve.

If you need some work done, want to get some attention (either from media or your new and/or existing customers), want to make a ruckus in your marketplace or just need a general update, please let us know.

In the meantime, have a look around and enjoy our refreshed site and movie star smiles!

Good wishes and good publicity,

Margot Black

PS: We know your Mom probably told you “don’t judge a book by its cover”, you’re Mom loved you and she was being really nice, but that advice is an outdated lie and has no place in the businesses world. Everyone judges a book by its cover, so take a good look at your business/marketing covers – if they aren’t in A++ form, feel free to give us a call.

PPS: Oh, and call your Mom.

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