Huge TV Publicity Win, Here’s How to Get Yours (behind the scenes breakdown)

Spotlight Newsletter – Black Ink PR Client Win
(Behind the Scenes)

Featuring Our Latest Success Story:
Road 2 College’s TV Triumph

We’re thrilled to share a milestone moment for one of our esteemed clients, Debbie Schwartz, founder of Debbie recently made a significant splash on national television as the featured expert on The Dr. Phil Show, in a compelling segment titled “Is College Worth It?”

This media win was no small feat, especially considering it was Debbie’s first-ever TV appearance. Here’s a brief look behind the scenes at the winning strategy crafted and executed by Black Ink PR that led to over 8 minutes of dedicated, highlighted expert TV time:

  1. Trusted Relationships: Our long-standing relationship with one of the show’s producers positioned us as the go-to agency when they needed an expert on college education.
  2. Clear, Captivating Messages: Collaborating closely with both the producer and Debbie, we honed in on key messages that were educational, inspirational, and perfectly tailored for the audience and Dr. Phil himself.
  3. In-depth Research: Our preparation included recent data, compelling stories, and critical facts to ensure the content was engaging and informative.
  4. Intensive Media Coaching: With rigorous media training, we helped Debbie present her insights in a way that was friendly, engaging, and authoritative. We even sprinkled in some humor to keep the audience and the host hooked!
  5. Ongoing Support: Our team remained in constant contact with both the show’s producers and Debbie, ensuring a flawless execution from start to finish. We were even able to help them secure one more participant for their segment when the need arose.

This behind-the-scenes effort led not only to an impactful TV segment on a crucial topic but also to a moment of personal triumph for Debbie. After her segment, Dr. Phil commended her professionalism with high praise, saying, “You must do a lot of this; you’re quite the pro.”

Watch the full episode on Merit+ at:

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