Old School Marketing – New Results



Technology is the business-owner\’s friend. It brings us thousands of networking opportunities, builds online communities and promotes our products. If technology was a person, I would be buying it flowers every day as a heart-felt thank you for making my life easier.

But there\’s something about good old-fashioned manners that you just can\’t recreate with a text or status update. I always give the best stories and leads to the people who pick up the phone. I like the fact that they make the effort. I remember it. Sometimes, ironically, in this age of speed-of-light media I can get the job done quicker with a conversation than fourteen emails. I know who I can count on to pick up the phone, and they get way more opportunities from me than those who don\’t.

So here are some marketing ideas that are more Downton Abbey than Facebook but they will always make you memorable.

Pick up the phone: Make it a point of personally checking in with your contacts. Email is fine but a conversation is priceless. Conversely, have your young assistants fall over themselves to pick up the phone in the office. If someone is calling, they want to talk.

Send a hand-written Thank You note: Again, forget email and go old school personal. Stock up on a luxury selection of greeting cards, and take the time to carefully hand-write a personal message. (A fountain pen always impresses).

Book a lunch or cocktail date: For good reason, we now spend a lot of hours at our desks. Occasionally though, it\’s fun to meet a business associate, enjoy a Cobb salad, toast a recent success and catch up in person.
Remember a birthday or anniversary: It\’s easy to be thoughtful and caring – even in business. This simple and personal touch will mean you\’re the person that others want to do business with. These days – are paper card (not e-card or Facebook post) or personal call, extra memorable.

Polish your shoes: It\’s the small things that make a difference, and again, a little attention to detail sends out a positive message. It says you are on top of your game, and present to the situation. People want to work with people who know how to attend to details, so show you know how to attend to yours.

Use the correct grammar and spelling: This might be one for the younger generation – and make me sound like someone\’s mom (and yes, I am) – but people judge you by your writing skills. Keep your writing clean, crisp and correct.

Those are some of the classics, guaranteed not to go out of style. So when you want some new results, try it old school. Got a few old school marketing tips that still work, let us know, we\’d love to hear. See you in the Winner\’s Circle.

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