This New Year is fresher than a selfie from a Kardashian making it the perfect time to start thinking about how you are going to market your business or brand in 2014.

More than ever social media will play a huge part in your marketing tactics, so let\’s have a look at the PR trends for the next 12 months, and think about how you can apply them to your business.

Content Marketing is Key.
According to the Content Marketing Institute the most effective business content marketing strategies are social media, e-newsletters, blogs, videos or case studies posted on your website/social media sites, which can then be shared by others on their websites. Strengthening one or more of these strategies will help with your brand recognition.

Diversify your Social Media.
Almost everyone is on Facebook (1 billion users worldwide) or Twitter (500 million users worldwide) but sites such as Pinterest, Instragram, Google +, LinkedIn and Tumblr have also seen huge increases in popularity. Pick two more social media websites off of this list to join and see how effectively it boosts your brand recognition.

Tell a Story with Pictures.
People love words but a picture can tell a story in one glance. Fabulous images will only enhance a social media campaign. Make sure your blog has three or four pictures, and limit text. Less is more. People like bite-sized chunks and a splash of color. Instagram is a great way to experiment with pictures if you\’re new to this type of marketing.

Be Mobile-friendly.
Many people now use their smartphones to read emails, shop and browse so whatever you are posting needs to be accessible by phone. Forbes estimate that by 2017, “87% of connected device sales will be tablets and smartphones.” Depending on your business, you may ultimately have to created a mobile version of your website to keep up with consumers.

And finally
..keep your content fun, clean and creative. Nothing travels faster than a clever idea.

Here\’s to a Prosperous and Happy Marketed New Year from Black Ink !

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