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Winner Best Yelp Attitude

Congratulations to Javista, the first coffee shop to be indoctrinated into Black Ink PR’s prestigious Winner’s Circle.
Why? Because Javista has not only inspired us to have faith in what we are selling, but to take every aspect of social media and use it to our advantage in a funny and creative manner. Javista we salute you. You\’ve got great coffee, tasty treats, and marketing balls.

At the Winner\’s Circle we are always looking to be inspired by the small businesses we see around us – and Javista, on Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, is a true inspiration.

I made a pit-stop a few days ago and was blown away by their chutzpah, creativity and humor. They are my new favorite coffee shop.

Outside their shop, on the sidewalk, was a chalkboard which highlighted their worst Yelp reviews. It reported word for word their horrible one and two star reviews, and made a feature of them. They had made a conscious decision to incorporate the worst of the worst and turn it into entertainment. It worked and was hilarious.

The coffee shop was packed and the coffee was delicious, the place is a great success.

The owners here have the best attitude but don\’t try this at home kids if you don\’t believe in your product. This is an act of great faith and proves that Javista has some big balls – but what a breath of fresh air. Instead of living in fear of social media they are embracing all aspects and even thanking their low raters.

Two stars from Daniela: “Waiting in line was a pain in the ass. The cashier and the three baristas looked so bored…it was only 9am” Thanks Daniela.

One star from Greg: “The staff was friendly. The coffee was average. The neighborhood verged on sketchy. The bathrooms were disgusting.” Thanks Greg.

They have only a few bad reviews, they\’ve got lots of fabulous reviews on Yelp and you can read a few of them here:

Competition in their marketplace is fierce in this part of town. Every corner is home to a trendy coffee bar offering fancy-pants coffee beans from some far flung corner of the globe, or a mozzarella and prosciutto panini made with a special artistanal jam. So how do you stand out?

You really have to believe in what you are selling to mock it. It\’s a truly genius move and not for the faint of heart but it totally works here. So with one big brave act they have earned their place in the Winner\’s Circle for their great sense of humor and faith in their product.

Congratulations Javista, you are a PR Pro, a small business with balls and an inspiration to anyone who wants to stand above the crowd.

Welcome to The Winner’s Circle!


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