How to Influence a Story – A Super Simple Trick



You are always in control of your own story.

But while there are many great ways to tell it, there are also many ways you can turn people off.

You need to hone your message to ensure that you get your point across, and that potential clients and media stay engaged and inspired long after the conversation has ended.

You should always:

– Be ready to tell your story with enthusiasm and passion.

– Be brief, be specific and never run on.

– Before you start speaking, listen carefully to the question.

I\’ve witnessed people go so far off topic they needed a compass to find their way back. Even when I give my clients advance sample questions, many times they can still go wildly off message.

And that\’s when you lose people.

Running on and off topic? That’s when journalists tune out and audience members change a channel. It’s when friends scan past your posts and people start preparing their exit while you are still speaking.

Memorize your talking points and self-edit if you can – two lines is enough, three plenty for almost any job. And finally, don\’t be afraid of a momentary silence. There really is no need to fill up space with chatter. Some people are terrified of silence, don’t be that person. There is great power in silence when a story or message is complete.

In other words, after you say what you want to say, shut up.

And on that note, I\’m done.

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