5 Tips For Creating Viral Content




Not a week goes by without someone asking me “How do I get my content to go viral?”  Get a dancing baby or cat in your family and inquire about sponsorships. Ok, there are  a few other techniques too.

Publishing viral content is one of the best marketing and traffic-generation methods available to website owners today. Viral content has the potential to attract hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors to a website in a single day, and even more as time goes on. If you don’t have a dancing cat or baby at your fingertips, here are five other helpful tips for creating viral content.

1) Explore a New Angle on Existing Viral Content

Take a look at content that\’s currently going viral and see if you can add a new twist to it. If you\’re creative, you can oftentimes come up with a unique and interesting angle on trending content, and by making if your own, allow it to stand out and attract a lot of attention. Keep an eye out for trending articles, videos, photos, and stories that you feel you can improve upon, and then do just that.

2) Boost Posts Where They\’re Shared Most

Paying for promotional posts on social media platforms is a great way to boost the amount of attention your content receives, but you should go about this in a way that will maximize your ROI. To determine where to promote your content like this, simply analyze where your content is already being shared most. By locating the places where your content already does well, you can usually increase those results exponentially with a small investment. Facebook and Twitter are two places where you can make this happen with the help of sponsored posts.

3) Learn What Your Audience Responds To

As you publish content over time, certain trends should appear in regard to the types of content your audience engages with most. For example, if your readers seem to enjoy video content, then start to adjust your editorial process for the purpose of posting more videos.

4) Create Visually Appealing Content

Publishing content that is uncluttered, easily readable, and simple to share is of the utmost importance if you want it to go viral. Use visual aids in your content, such as photos or infographics, as long as they make the information more easily digestible and don\’t distract your readers. Also, be sure your content is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, as most website traffic today comes from mobile users. Ask your visitors to share your content directly, and be sure to have at least one such call to action placed near the top of your content.

5) Keep It Timely and Positive

Pay attention to current media trends and publish your own content with those trends in mind. Keep your content positive as often as possible, as studies have shown that content is much more likely to go viral if it gives readers an uplifting, positive feeling when they view it.

As a creator of online content, the more your posts go viral, the more success you\’ll see. By focusing on these simple tips, you can increase the frequency and speed at which your content spreads around the Internet. In turn, this will set you up for content marketing success both now and in the future. Working smart with your content is a lot easier and more predictable than trying to find a dancing baby or cat that is available for sponsorship.

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