3 Simple Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website


Boosting your website traffic increases the amount of potential customers and subscribers viewing your content. A well-crafted landing page can then be used to encourage visitors to buy your products, subscribe to your blog or sign up for your newsletter. However, driving traffic to your website through traditional means, such as search engine results and paid advertisements, can be ineffective and expensive. Finding inventive ways to reach your target audience is the key to boosting your website traffic.


Write a Killer Headline and Post it on Social Media

Headlines are the single most important aspect of all web copy, blog posts and news articles. If a headline doesn\’t grab the attention of your intended audience, they are unlikely to bother reading the rest of your content. Eye-catching headlines work well on social media platforms, as users are always looking for something new or different to read. Twitter is a great platform for posting headlines, along with links to the full article or blog post. Use your headline to pose a question, make a bold statement or offer something your intended audience will be unable to resist.


Create an Instructional Video

Establish yourself as an expert in your field by making instructional videos to help viewers solve a problem or learn a new skill. Upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing websites, along with a description of your business, services or products and a link to your website. YouTube has millions of active users every day, which gives you access to a huge audience. If viewers like your videos, they may also share them with friends, family and social media followers, thereby helping to increase your exposure and boosting your website traffic.


Run a Competition or Give Free Products Away

Social media and online forum users are always on the lookout for competitions and free products. Links for free-to-enter competitions, product samples and free downloads are among the most shared messages on social media, which can give your website visitor numbers a huge boost. It also gives you an opportunity to use an opt-in form to capture email addresses for your email marketing campaigns. The more desirable your competition prizes, the more entries you are likely to receive, so consider investing in a valuable prize, such as a smartphone, tablet or other device.

Boosting your website traffic increases your audience and gives you the opportunity to bring in new customers and subscribers. While search engine results and paid advertisements are not always effective at bringing in website traffic, there are many inventive ways to encourage people to visit your site. Eye-grabbing headlines, instructional videos and giveaways are all excellent ways to boost your website traffic.

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