How to Improve Engagement on Facebook for Better Post Reach




Back in the old days, Facebook showed all of your posts to all of your fans. Today\’s post reach is much more limited, averaging at around 15 percent of your audience per post.

Engagement is one of the biggest things Facebook thinks about when picking which posts to push into the news feed. When a post gets a lot of initial engagement, it is shown to more people. This can lead to an upward spiral of viewership. Here are three tips for improving your engagement on Facebook.

1. Post on the Weekend

As people get close to the weekend, they spend less time focused on work and more time goofing around on the internet.

You should post more frequently between Thursday and Sunday for the best results. That\’s when people are online and looking for content to respond to. If you are worried about running out of material, feel free to not post at all on Monday or Tuesday. You\’re better off focusing your energy on the days that matter most.

2. Use Images In Every Post

Text posts don\’t cut through the noise in today\’s cluttered social media environment. You have to use bold, colorful imagery that grabs the eye.

Don\’t worry about getting fancy with Photoshop. Sign up with a stock photography service for nearly endless access to images that will fit your needs. You can even reuse your favorite photos on multiple posts if you spread them out over time.

Be sure to upload your images directly to Facebook. Facebook prefers fully native posts and will reward you with increased post reach.

3. Curate Quality Content

It can be hard to come up with original material to post every day. Luckily, posting links to other great content on the internet is a valid strategy.

Your audience will appreciate your willingness to share your favorite media with them. After all, if they\’re browsing through Facebook, they probably want to be entertained. You can share content from YouTube, Wikipedia, blogs, or just about anywhere else.

Try to keep curated content to a maximum of 33 percent of your total Facebook posting. If it becomes more common than that, you may start to annoy your fans. Furthermore, too many links to external sites is bad for your page\’s post reach. Use this tactic sparingly.

A Better Facebook Experience

Facebook is better when you have a lot of audience engagement. Not only does it increase your post reach, it makes your page look more active. What could be better than that?

You can and should use these tips for your page. Don\’t settle for lackluster interaction with your fans – engage, engage, engage. And while you’re at it, give this post a thumbs up or like!

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