The 4 E\’s for E-asy & Engaging Social Media

I get asked this question all the time:

What should my business be doing on social media?

In my experience there are 4 things you should ask yourself about your company\’s social media.

Does your social media…


For maximum engagement, your social media has to offer all \’4 E\’s\’ in equal balance. If people engage with your business content they will be loyal and importantly, they will share.

In many cases people are doing way too much of all 4 but are not focussed enough. And if you\’re doing one or two well, that\’s great, but you need to spend time pumping up the other two.

So what do these \’4 E\’s\’ represent?


Learning makes people happier and healthier, and social media content that educates is a win-win. A small dose of education delivered from your Twitter feed or Facebook page is like a vitamin shot. Plus, anyone who spends time browsing online will feel less likely to regret that time if they feel the content has added to their wealth of knowledge. Trading time for information is a wonderful deal for everyone. So share what you know… it\’s as easy as a, b, c.


A positive will always outweigh a negative. Online this is important because in many ways the internet has fallen prey to bullies and trolls. In an effort to fight negativity, you need to go big on the positive. It\’s up to you to provide content that is an antidote to all the bad things we read. Endeavor to provide your audience with the equivalent of a social media hug or a ray of sunshine. It\’s empowering and your audience will thank you for it by returning again and again.


Your social media content is a call to action. You are inviting your audience to join your club, your community. But there\’s so much content to wade through now that it\’s easy for people to feel overwhelmed or alone. Engaging your readers by asking them to share their life stories, experience and opinions can be hugely meaningful to an individual. Enlisting followers makes them feel worthwhile and that they have a place in your social media universe. So be more inclusive and let them know you want to hear their voice.


Who doesn\’t love to be entertained?  In fact, if you ever meet anyone who hates to laugh, run in the opposite direction! On a daily basis we\’re often dealing with deadlines, the demands of a family and many other life anxieties so anything that entertains us is precious. Some of the biggest accounts on Instagram are comedy meme accounts, and the reason for this is because laughter makes us feel good. If your audience associates your account with fun, you have a made a strong and lasting connection. Make your audience feel happy, and they will follow you everywhere. So what are you waiting for? It\’s time to start working on your \’4 E\’s\’.

They are the e-asy blueprint to your business social media success!

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