The “Unignorables” for your PR and Marketing today



There are four things you have to pay attention to when marketing your business. I call them \’the unignorables\’ because you ignore them at your peril.

The unignorables are your social media marketing, your email list, your SEO and your visuals.

This quality quartet will form the basis of your success as a business owner, and are in essence, your basic visibility plan. While you might think they\’re pain in the butt they\’re extremely valuable and worth your attention.

You can reach so many people these days with technology so look at the unignorables in terms of triumph and delight because they can save you time and money. In the old days you\’d need to schedule meetings, appointments and business lunches, as well as smell good and look pretty but now people can find you in other ways, and vice versa.

But key to this is visibility – and with visibility comes the need for consistency. Anything you can do that is small and consistent will garner wildly better results than anything big and inconsistent.

Drumroll, intro music and spotlight please…your unignorables are:


Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic and boost your site’s SEO.
If you’re doing it consistently, it will lead to valuable relationship building and ensure that customers are receptive to your message. It can also help you get noticed at events and generate extensive media coverage. Social media marketing awareness means you will be able to respond to problems immediately (therefore avoiding bad online reviews), which in turn will build brand loyalty. You should also think of your social media as the party where you need to be seen, so post lots of visuals. It shouldn\’t just be inspirational quotes – it has to be about you and your team being seen to be working successfully, efficiently and joyously. And remember, not only does social media marketing generate more sales, it\’s also free.


A mailing list gives small business owners direct connection with customers who want to receive information about the business’s products and services. You own your list. It is yours and yours alone, and it is one of the biggest tools in your marketing toolbox. It makes sense to cultivate a list of your core customers because they are your target demographic. Customer loyalty can also be built on special offers that are available only to subscribers to your email list. It\’s a great way to generate buzz about new products and perfect for promoting and strengthening your brand. Your mailing list is created in your image meaning the person on the other end receives branded content from you every time you send out a mailer (like this one!).


SEO is all about providing the user with the friendliest, most efficient experience possible. You\’ll want to provide your user with a fantastic experience that they can tell others about it because a contented visitor has a good chance of coming back for more. SEO brings in customers who are actively seeking to find your product or service – this is marketing gold! When your website appears on the first page of a major search engine, or very near the top, potential clients are more likely to trust your brand and be more likely to become loyal customers, subscribers and returning visitors.


I\’ve touched on this in SEO Marketing but visuals are so important that they deserve their own stand-alone mention. I recently went to book a hotel stay with my family and the place I wanted which was the most convenient made it hard for me to access their photos. Another hotel advertised teepees and I wanted to see them but there were no photos of teepees on their website. I wound up staying somewhere 45 minutes away that met my criteria – and had loads of photos. I realised that it was the photos that had made the difference, which is why they won my business. The unignorable here is that people need to see every aspect of what you do these days. If you are selling it we need to see it, and we need to be able to see it easily.
If you think your unignorables are too easy to overlook, or you don\’t know how to be consistently visible, give us a call, we do it all day long. We\’ll make sure you get the attention you deserve.

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