Here\’s How to Market When You\’re Busy – Key to Success

Why You Need to Market When You\’re Busy

The biggest key to business success is to market when you\’re busy. So when people tell me they are too busy to market I know they are doomed.

Either you\’re doing it yourself or you\’re giving it to someone else to do – but you must be consistent, you must have a strategy and you must be always marketing.

From a business point of view you will always be far more attractive to others when you\’re busy than when you\’re not. Many people only think about marketing during their quiet times and it\’s not good. Marketing then means that you won\’t be coming from a position of strength or power.

There\’s not a movie on earth that when they know they\’re selling out at the box office they stop marketing. There have been Broadway shows that have been sold out for two years in advance that are still marketing because that\’s how champions do it.

When you\’re choosing what restaurant to go to, you will always choose the one with people in it. You might even choose the one that has a line of people outside. You will almost certainly never choose the empty restaurant. I guarantee you – and I don\’t know what you eat – but you\’ll look inside and then choose the busy one.

“This place is empty, let\’s give it a try,” said no-one ever.

Without consistent marketing, you will always be in an empty restaurant.

It\’s easy to drop the ball on this but from personal experience I have learned that this is the wrong thing to do. You want consistency not a horrible cycle of feast and famine.

Find the time, find the commitment, and if you can\’t find either of those, then find the right people to help you.

Too busy to market? We can do that for you.

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