How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business


Any creative business owner will tell you that to catch your audience\’s attention, you have to learn how to adapt to new platforms. The impact of Instagram on consumers is undeniable. So, if you have ever thought of using this platform to elevate your business, now is the perfect time to do so! 

Instagram Stories are not only fun but also enormously interactive. They have the potential to do wonders to raise brand awareness, customer engagement, traffic, and of course, sales!

Think about Engagement

If you want to gain positive engagement from consumers, you have to put in effort. An Instagram Story is a unique way to show what makes your brand different from your competition. 

You can utilize this platform to drive engagement by asking followers to participate in polls, answer questions, or even encourage them to make content! However, do not forget to make your Instagram Story style consistent with your branding.

Grab Attention

As a brand, you have to know the sweet spot between using Instagram Stories effectively and overkill. You cannot simply post whatever you please. Some general rules to follow as you create content is to stick to quick videos and soundbites to show off a product, as well as great photos. This way, your followers will not skip your stories.

Build an Emotional Connection

Any business owner can benefit from social media. The best part is, you can use your Instagram Stories to develop a sense of community among your audience, customers, and potential customers. 

You should take the opportunity presented by Instagram Stories to share the human side of your company. This way, your audience can develop a deep connection with your brand. 

One great way to share your brand\’s human side is to let followers peek into the culture of your company. Think about it, your Facebook pages and websites need to look professional. However, your Instagram Story is unique in that sense.

Give your audience and potential customers a look at what your company looks like, so they know what to expect when they work for, or with, your brand.

Additionally, remember that users are captivated by real stories and authenticity. For this, you can show moments with your team as you are meeting or volunteering in your local community.

Feature Your Customers

Instagram Stories are designed to give people a peek into your brand. You can capture cool and exciting experiences of your customers. This would give others real insight into what your brand is all about.

People love to see fellow users getting featured on your Instagram Stories. Not only will you have new content, you can also piggyback on the reach of your audience! 

Reach out to people who regularly use your products. Then, ask permission if you can post their content. Make sure to send them incentives and products in exchange for any feature. It\’s a win/win situation because they will also become an Instagram star for a moment. 

Make sure to features customer stories that show how your product impacts their lives. This type of story can elicit emotional attachment from your audience.

Allow Users to Generate Content

Customers listen to other customers. Someone sharing how much they love your product can do wonders. For this, you can do an Instagram Story takeover. This can be done by your brand\’s fans or social media influencers. 

They will have the chance to tell others what they love about your business. This authentic content will also give your followers new insight into your products. Although it may be risky to transfer control over your social media account, this can be avoided if you curate your choices well. 

Don\’t Be Afraid to Ask for Feedback

Waiting for reviews on your Facebook or Instagram pages can be a bit tiring. Not only that, it\’s not proactive. One of the best ways to learn more about your customers is to ask questions. 

People are usually willing to give feedback! Use your Instagram Stories regularly, so when you ask questions, the content appears in people\’s feeds continually. Remember, the Instagram algorithm does not reward infrequent posting.

Stick to Short but Great Content

Instagram Stories can be a great tool to let your audience get a glimpse of how your product solves their problems. When creating content for your Instagram Story, make sure to keep it short but meaningful. 

Use your Instagram Story to give tutorials on how to use your products, or update your followers about new offers and products. Taking them behind the scenes of how you make the product is also an effective strategy.

Be Memorable

Instagram is saturated with many brands seeking attention. In order for your followers to remember your brand, you have to be unique. 

Everybody uses Instagram Stories to ask questions. Although effective and fun, you have to think of other ways to take advantage of this platform. 

For example, you can use it to show short films which star your products, or interviews. Just think outside the box and you may strike gold!

Use Hashtags and Location Stickers

Stickers are a fun way to decorate your Instagram. However, did you know that this can also help with your discoverability? Stories can be searchable by hashtags and location. Meaning, even people who do not follow you can see your content. This Is why you should make the most out of this strategy!

Add Links

Brands with more than 10,000 followers can use links on their Instagram Stories. For this, viewers can simply swipe up on a particular story that has the URL. This would redirect them anywhere you want them to visit- your website, blog, or YouTube channel. The possibilities are endless!

Maximize Your Instagram Stories!

By now, you already know that Instagram Stories are a big deal. In fact, approximately 400 million people use it every day. Now, it\’s not just considered a novelty, but a staple. This simply proves that jumping on this bandwagon can do wonders for your business.

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