How Do You Keep the Media and Marketing Love Alive?


PR, marketing and social media is not just a labor of love, it\’s a long-term commitment to a relationship with your audience.
What do I mean by that on this most romantic of days?
Simple. If you love your audience, they will love you back. But for that to happen you need to commit to the process in the same way you do in your dating and/or romantic life.
You need to be reliable, trustworthy and in it for the long haul.
Your audience needs to see who the real you is, you and your business need to speak to real people with real problems and offer real solutions, and not just an empty avatar who may or may not enrich their lives. Bland and boring will not win this race.
Don\’t expect to launch a social media campaign or post a couple of times and expect your audience to remain loyal. That\’s makes you the kind of person who proposes marriage on the first date. Hello, red flag! You and I know that solid, life-affirming relationships don\’t work that way.
Your audience needs to be wooed, charmed and made to feel safe. They need to know you’re reliable, that you’ll be there for them. They must be able to see what you can offer them before they commit. To do that, you must work hard to up the know, like and trust factor because if you can service your audience with ease and accessibility, they will give you their hearts.

So, keep romance alive with consistency, creativity and passion, and the love will soon come back to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all at Black Ink PR & Marketing!
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