Surefire Ways to Succeed on Social Media Now


Are you tired of hearing the phrase \”in these unprecedented times?\” Join the club! Yes, we know, it’s unusual and wonky. In a world that has gone digital-first quickly, it\’s easy to be overwhelmed and resort to the same old phrases and ideas. But don’t copy cat – find your own way and your own voice.  Consumers are spending record amounts of time on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Take advantage of your captive audience with a few quick and easy social media tricks.

Keep It Real

We\’ve all heard of call-out culture. Businesses and companies that mislead their customers right now have no place in the modern market. Show your clients you care by being honest and authentic. Speak with a confident voice and show your personality.  If you make a mistake, you are far more likely to receive positive feedback for a prompt and transparent apology than by trying to hide being PR jargon. The new age of marketing is leaving coded language behind and treating customers like the real people they are. Make sure you are speaking to your authentic customer base and addressing issues that are important to them. Now is the time to be helpful, supportive and authentic.

Have Some Fun 

Social media marketing is lively, funny, and current. If you want to attract users to your pages, you need to speak their language.  Being real on social media is part of what makes it such an engaging medium. People don\’t want to see the same old traditional media content – they want innovative and interesting videos, GIFs, and designed quotes that are sharable and easily palatable.  We usually guide clients into designating parts of their social feel for entertainment and education. Although times are uncertain and many very serious issues are at stake, don’t underestimate the value of letting a bit of optimism, empathy and humor shine through your feed.

Let Users Guide Your Strategy

The best thing about social media marketing?  Sometimes other people do your job for you! By following closely with hashtags and mentions, you can feature content on your page from other users. Try highlighting the work of an artist (with their permission, of course, always credit your source) or shouting out a local business via Instagram story. User-generated content can not only provide you with a wider variety of quality images and videos, but it also shows that you\’re engaging with a community. Your audience can quite effectively guide a bit of your direction. And if you don’t know what your audience is thinking or doing, check out some of their content and you’ll get an idea. Social media offers and amazing ability to engage with your audience, don’t be afraid to take advantage of it.

The social media game is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. Don\’t go at it alone — let us help! Drop us a line today so we can start reshaping the way people see you and your brand online. 

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