8 Marketing Resolutions For 2021 You Can Actually Keep

8 Marketing Resolutions For 2021 You Can Actually Keep

2020 may have taught us a thing or two about best laid plans… But this year, we\’re setting resolutions that are invaluable for your marketing strategy and, better yet, easy to keep!

Set Your Intentions 

Before you start, take some time to think. This is the essential first step. Consider your brand\’s mission, purpose and whom you serve. Set a clear definition for each of these and use this as a basis for your strategy. Your future business self will thank you.

Put it on Paper

Don\’t be the \”it\’s all up here\” person. Put your content strategy, any strategy, into writing. You\’ll remove the risk of misremembering or deviating from your objectives. Also, it helps you focus. Plus, you\’ll be able to share your strategy with colleagues and partners with ease. You wouldn\’t set out on a road trip without a map, so don\’t start your marketing journey without your plan on paper. Yes, you can always change, but you certainly need to know where you are aiming and have a plan.

Be Authentic

In an era of social distancing, people are craving genuine connections with others — including in our professional lives. With all of us interacting more online, it\’s become crystal clear when a friend or a company is being inauthentic. Avoid a social setback by being authentic from the start. Corporate speak, round about talk, and incessant amount of talking points are all so yesteryear, seriously, drop all crap talk. Be authentic, be real, be of service.

Express Yourself 

Along the same lines, feel free to show some personality! You are writing for people, after all. That’s what makes up an audience, real people. Think about how you would engage someone in a social setting and speak like that. Is it with a touch of humor? Some sass? Whatever your natural personality is, embrace it and incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Just be sure it\’s not spicy enough to end up on the evening news! Also, remember, social media is just that – social. You want to make sure you are expressing yourself to the proper audience in the proper way – just as you would at a real party. Always take a moment and read the room before you open your mouth.

Show and Tell

Sure, you need great content to engage with your customers online. But you need to grab their attention, too. Visual assets are key. At this point – all marketing is visual marketing. No photos, no videos = no marketing. Research from Sprout Social has shown that 68% of consumers want to engage with images and half want to engage with videos. This can be done as simply as creating a still image or gif social media post with Canva or get your director\’s hat on and shoot a short video clip in the (home) office.

Mix it up!

While you\’re at it, be sure to add variety to your marketing. Everyone loves, craves and appreciates variety.  Alternate between text and visual posts.  Have a variety of themes you address. And showcase different styles for sharing information like infographics and testimonials. Don\’t forget to harness the power of your current clientele with consumer generated material. A positive review can be easily translated to a great marketing post. Mix, match and always keep it clean and fresh and your audience will be most appreciative.

Make your Mark 

Hone your online impact with analytics. Social media platforms like Twitterhave built-in analytic functions that track your engagements. Don\’t ignore these useful tools. Focus on what\’s working to create content that will keep customers coming back and generate new ones. Focus on the time your audience most engages, and what type of content they tend to enjoy engaging with. This is where analytics and tracking can be your best friend and really increase your chances of success.

Accept Help Where and When you Need It

None of us could have gotten through the turmoil of 2020 without a little help from our friends. Remember this when considering your publicity and marketing strategy. We can\’t all be experts on everything, but publicity and marketing assistance is available. You don’t have to do it all alone. Let us help get your 2021 on the right track, and drop us a line for help with your publicity, visibility and/or marketing today. We here to make sure you and your business shine bright and keep winning new customers.
Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2021 for all.

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