Content Strategy 101

Content Strategy 101

Your brand\’s content will only be as effective as the strategy you use to create and promote it. Otherwise, you will miss out on reaching a large segment of your target audience. You need to make sure your content is speaking to your audience in a way that is relevant to them, in a place or format they engage with.  Here are some important tips on how to create an effective content strategy for your brand.

1. Learn About Your Target Audience

Creating a good content strategy starts with your audience – specifically, learning as much as you can about their needs. For example, you should chat with a few of your buyers (or prospective customers) to better understand their questions and challenges. Basically, you want to identify opportunities where your brand\’s products or services can meet their needs. In some cases, you might even decide to develop new products or services after discovering an unmet need in your niche. You can only do that by knowing your audience really well – ideally, better than your competitors do. Furthermore, you can only create great content for your audience by understanding how to meet their needs.

2. Gain Insights from Keyword Research

Next, you will want to use a keyword research tool – like Google\’s Keyword Planner or Wordstream – to understand how users are searching for answers online. For instance, a keyword research tool can show you the most popular keywords and search phrases that your target audience is using when searching for information related to your niche. That information can help you identify good topics to write about that will relevant and useful to your audience – which is essential to your content strategy.

3. Create Informative Content That Answers Questions

When it comes to your content strategy, your content needs to focus on your audience by answering their questions. For example, let\’s say that you are a personal finance blogger and you decide to write about selecting a travel rewards credit card. Your content should thoroughly explain the process of how to research and select the best travel rewards credit card based, as well as the most common questions that consumers have during the selection process. For instance, maybe your audience is wondering what kind of credit score they will need to qualify for the best rewards cards. In that case, your content will need to address credit scores to answer their question.

4. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Creating an effective content strategy for your audience does your brand no good if your audience never sees your content . Visibility is the golden key to your success. Unfortunately, you can\’t just sit back and assume that search engines are going to discover and index your content in a timely manner. Therefore, you must actively promote your content to get it in front of your target audience. For example, you should share your articles and blog posts on your brand\’s social media platforms. If you have an email newsletter, that\’s another great way to share blog posts and articles. You could also promote your brand\’s content on internet forums related to your niche, as well as question-and-answer sites like Quora.

In short, creating a successful content strategy doesn\’t happen by accident. It takes careful research and planning to ensure that your content is relevant and useful to your audience. And, delivered in a way your audience wants to consume and on a platform they are using. Furthermore, you need to actively promote your content to make sure that it reaches your entire target audience. In the end, the person or businesses with the most consistent visibility for their carefully curated content will be the winning strategy every time.

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