What one word do you stand for? Power up your PR!

Every Word Counts – What’s Your Word for Success?

When my son and husband dropped me off at the airport last week, my four-year-old didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting on the plane with me. “It’s work, sweetie. Mommy takes trips for money.”

Later that day, he told his teacher “My mommy takes tricks for money”.  Suddenly, I’m quite popular at the PTA.

Communication comes replete with misunderstandings and misperceptions and is best avoided with brevity. Consider the children’s game “Telephone” in realizing the misleading nature of verbal communication. How do people speak of your brand? The way you want them to?Make what you say count.

What one word would you use to market your work? Consider the efficiency of Barack Obama’s one word campaign “Change.” Kaiser Permanente says “Thrive!” At Black Ink PR, our word is “Results!” It’s what we give, what we promise, what we work for.What’s your one word for driving success?

Need help? We’re here for you. Claim your word, claim your power.

To your success!

\"\" Margot Black – Benevolent Queen – Black Ink PR

About Black Ink PR

Black Ink PR’s mission is to customize a comprehensive PR plan that merges your publicity, branding and marketing goals. Using a unique system developed from more than 20 years in communications, Black Ink PR will work with you to identify your goals, create the plan you need and execute it with style, precision and clarity to ensure your success.

Margot Black is a PR visionary, media maven and founder of Black Ink PR. Highly regarded within the industry for her savvy, hands-on, multi-platform approach to publicity and marketing, she has the unique ability to advise her clients on how to take stock of where they are, where they want to be and how to get there by creating and executing a PR/marketing plan tailored specifically for their needs.

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