Free Dessert – What’s Yours?


My husband’s family loves this little Italian restaurant in the Valley. It’s non-descript, average sized sign and the first time I walked in realized I’d been passing it by for years.  But not my husband’s clan. They love it. And have been returning for generations. And bringing everyone they know.

What makes it so special? The owner. He stands at the door and greets everyone with the biggest smile and a hug that says “where you been so long?”  And when dinner is done he sends over a free dessert. One  dessert.  Really? Yes, really. And it’s usually shared by 8 people. 8 people get a delicious spoonful of care and consideration. And it keeps them coming back over and over…with their kids, with their friends, with their neighbors. Converted me.

If you come and join me in Los Angeles, I’ll take you there.  You’ll love it. We’ll have a great dinner and then share dessert. We’ll have so much fun, you won’t even mind that I brought my mother-in-law.

What’s your free dessert? What are you offering customers? What’s your big hug of delight and spoonful of care and consideration? Let me know…cause I’ll come back for it. Guaranteed.

\"\" Sweet Treat Makes Customers\’ Heart Beat

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