You can’t spell “Protest” without “PR”…Miss Margot’s Finishing School for Anarchists – We put the “Pro” in “Protest”

OccupyLA is slated to come down today, I’m proud of all the young people adding their spirit and support. This country needs you.  I’m also proud of the city I live in, Los Angeles has been really peaceful and in general well supported by our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Wish I could contribute more, but as a working Mom, it’s hard to find the time. I would, however, as a professional communicator, like to offer the following five tips on how to effectively protest:

The following blog post, my longest ever…is my attempt to “Mom hug” all involved. Please help make this world a better place for our children. May the force be with you.

  • Exercise  “Power of the Purse”

Remember that your vote in this country is your buck! Think about where you are spending your money, and that is the power of the purse. – the most powerful form we have in our toolbox to communicate with businesses and corporations in this world today. You don’t like how a company is doing business, don’t use it. Don’t like a bank, take your money out and put it in a credit union. Use the “Power of the Purse”  (especially by an organized group effort) and the people you want to hear you will most certainly get the message.

  • Presentation is key

Dress respectfully when you show up to protest. Don’t look like you just rolled out of a thrift store. Exercise color uniformity, such as wearing the same color shirt, in order to portray a sense of organization. This truly speaks volumes to the media.

  • Operate within the law

This country affords us so many incredible liberties that other countries don’t have, and while we are allowed to protest, we must do so within the confines of law. When police show up, be respectful to encourage positive future interaction. Remember, they are also part of the 99 percent.

  • Know the word you stand for

It’s good to have one comprehensive slogan to get the message across. Communication is replete with misunderstanding because it’s often too wordy.  President Obama’s one word marketing campaign “change” was a supremely effective approach. In terms of this protest, “Revolution” sends a compelling message considering that our country was founded on it.

  • Think in terms of innovation, not destruction

We can’t just annihilate corporations and expect to see improvement, In a nod to Ghandi, ask yourself “How am I going to be the change I want to see in the world?” Kudos to the woman who cut up her Bank of America debit card on camera and then started a facebook group – you know what…it worked!

Innovation, innovation, innovation my friends. Create new ways, create new structures, create new ideas. Now go forth unafraid. This country is counting on you!



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