How to Make Your Customers Love You… (Chocolate NOT involved)



It is not just your imagination or just a hectic week.

The pace of life really is faster. And getting faster all the time.

Technology is NOT simplifying our lives. Yes, it is making us more productive, but the very real increase in our productivity falls behind the more rapidly growing demands of our businesses, employers and families.

What problem do you have, today, that I can solve?

How can I save you some time or money today? Effortlessly? Cost effectively?

Apply those questions to your company’s product or services and you will make your customers LOVE you.

Problems = stress. As consumers, solving problems is priority Number One. Only after clearing the list of ‘problems,’ and ‘fires to put out,’ do we even begin to think about upgrading those things in our life that are already working well. A close Number Two to solving problems is saving time and money.

Think like your customer. ASK your customers. What are the challenges and problems they face every day that your products or service may help to relieve? Position, market and sell THAT.

If you are thinking that selling a new line of fashion wear, or box of organic chocolates, doesn’t involve solving problems, think again.

  • Ease of home online shopping with free shipping.
  • Free post-paid returns.
  • Live telephone customer service.

Could a shampoo solve problems? Save time???

Last month, Black Ink PR helped a client launch a new women‘s ‘dry shampoo.’

“Just in time for the holiday season, busy women of all hair types and colors can conveniently extend the life of their hairstyle or blowout with this 100 percent natural, powder formula that instantly cleans and refreshes…and…it’s color matched and can even help to cover your roots.”

 So this Valentine’s Day…when thinking of  your customers, skip the chocolates. Solve problems, save time. They will LOOOOVE you for it!

\"\" To make your customers love you, send solutions – not chocolate.

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