Are You Relevant?



Sometimes you have to ask the most obnoxious questions and \’Are you relevant?\’ is most definitely the marketing equivalent of \’Does my butt look big in this?\’

You want to know the answer and at the same time you don\’t…all the while knowing what the answer will be.  Yes, it\’s horrifying to look at you, your product and your business in the mirror and ask \’Am I relevant?\’ but if you don\’t do it, you never will be.  I do it, and you need to do it too- everyday and in every way.  And it\’s the number one question the press asks about anything; if it\’s not relevant to their audience, today\’s market place, or daily life, then no-one\’s going to care. Period. It\’s yesterday\’s news.

Don\’t be timid, constantly embrace reinvention and be clear about what you/your brand/your business  offer the world. Then offer it loud and proud. And never, ever stop asking “Is this relevant to the front page of the news today?\’  Thus, relevance. Clear and simple. Any time I’ve got a story to tell the first question I ask is “How can I relate this to current headlines?”

And by the way….your butt looks great!

\"\" Are you Relevant?



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