Three Simple Budget-Friendly PR Spends



Whatever your budget you can always afford to market yourself, your company and your product, smarter. Here are three ways to polish your image and impress your clients, and potential clients.


A hand-written note. Take a few minutes to jot a few words on some quality stationery. Compared to a full-blown ad campaign, paper is cheap but the end result is priceless, especially to a journalist.


Book some face time with a market influencer: journalist, blogger, trend-caster or expert in their field. Meet them for lunch (leave your smartphone in your purse or pocket) and enjoy ever more precious quality time.


Invest in a set of professional head-shots. Stop using that cropped wedding photo you like on Facebook, get your make-up applied professionally and choose an outfit that reflects who you are.  A picture says a thousand words. If you\’re the face or spokesperson of a product or business, you need a professional head-shot, and should update it every three years. Or if you have Botox and good Photoshop skills, you can probably stretch your luck to five.

\"Image\" polish your image and impress your clients

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