To Market We Go: Real Housewives offer Real Inspiration


The Real Housewives series is a reality show so how can we learn anything from those mouthy, over-made up – and let\’s face it – mostly irritating women? Well, take Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York – she went from being part of a reality ensemble cast member to CEO of her own mulit-million dollar drink company by having a plan and taking control.

Bethenny admits that Real Housewives Of New York was a stepping-stone to bigger things. She went in with a plan. Her Skinnygirl cocktails were promoted as part of the show and became as important a \’storyline\’ as her hunt for a husband. She was so successful (in both pursuits) that she landed her own spin-off show – the biggest measure of success in television, and recently sold her drinks company for just over $8 million.

Reality television is anything but real. I often say I love reality TV, especially on the third take but you can\’t ignore its power. Even Mike \’The Situation\’ Sorrento turned up at the Jersey Shore as a fully formed as a brand. There\’s a lesson to be taken from people who know how to make the best of their personality, brand and media platform. Know how to steer your ship and you can come out winning too. Are you the captain of your media- ship or are your sails (and sales!) just blowing in the wind?

Bethenny Frankel – Queen of Her Empire


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