Sassy Sound Bites: Your Ultimate Media Weapon and One of My Favorite Tricks (Utilize Rhythm & Repetition)


Your Ultimate Media Weapon and One of My Favorite Tricks  (Utilize Rhythm & Repetition)

It\’s one thing talking to an audience, but quite another having the skill to sum up your thoughts in a way that will keep the crowd hanging on to your every word.  But if you want to make a splash in the media world, creating a good sound bite is an essential step to entertaining – as well as informing – your audience.  If you can hone your skill as a speaker, by presenting yourself as educated, witty and ‘self-edited,’ you\’ll always find media outlets willing to use you as a commentator or expert.

A  great sound bite is like a great song. It has a distinctive rhythm. It has a catchy hook. Its repetition can teach something that might take a lifetime to comprehend. And writing a great sound bite is a skill unto itself. Constructing an effective sound bite requires a clear understanding of the subject, the audience, the objective and its ability to be remembered and repeated. Sound bites need to be short, succinct and sassy.

My Favorite Sound Bite Trick –There are many different tactics for writing sound bites but here is one of my favorites – utilize rhythm and repetition. It looks like this….

  “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Remember that? Of course you do, that was President John F. Kennedy, who as we all know was famous for his ability to instill in the American people a huge sense of patriotism. This sound bite from his inaugural address is legendary.

Here are a few more…

“Yes we can, yes we can” Barack Obama

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful” Warren Buffett

You can use it in your personal life too – my husband and I once invited his family on a short boat ride in the marina. They had a crazy amount of drama around their fear of sea sickness. The family drama was really sucking the joy out of the experience so I came up with this, “It’s either Drama or Dramamine. Summed it up perfectly and we sailed into the sunset.

Additional Tips –

* Less is often more. Make your point but don\’t ramble on – it\’s the ultimate sound bite sin.

* Don\’t be scared to voice your opinion. Nobody will ask for your opinion if you\’re reluctant to have one. The best public speakers are strident in getting their point across.

So that\’s a smidgen of sound bites. Hope you found it helpful.

I like to keep it simple…If I can’t keep it simple, I simply can’t keep it.

Hope to see you in the press soon!


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