What Do You Want Your Buyers to Believe?


If you want to get under the skin of your clients, don\’t be generic with the message you are sending out to the world.

Think about what you are selling. And think about what others sell, and how they sell it.

Volvo doesn\’t just sell cars, it sells safety.
McDonalds doesn\’t just sell burgers, it sells convenience.
Gatorade isn\’t just a sports drink – they are selling success in the sporting arena.
L\’Oreal doesn\’t sell only hair color but youth and vitality.
A hotel isn\’t selling a bed, it\’s selling romance, or family time

Think about who you are targeting and what do they need to know. Only once you know what your product is offering can you really market it.

Are your clients moms, active travelers or tech men?

Is your product a luxury, cutting-edge, good value?

What do you want your customers to believe?

Fill in this sentence:
My product __________ isn\’t just a ___________ it\’s also selling ___________

Once you\’ve targeted your message, you can then start to build your marketing campaign.

And make your customers truly believe.


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