The Wisdom of In-N-Out Burger


What? A burger that has intelligence?

Think of it this way… sometimes change isn\’t always for the best; sometimes innovation gets in the way of a brilliant product.

In-N-Out Burger is a west Californian burger chain that does one thing only – but it does it well.

They serve a limited menu that has been pulling in loyal customers since 1948, and can now boast 275 outlets.

Rather than adapting to the current trend for fast food restaurants to serve salads and healthier fare, In-N-Out serves up burgers, fries and shakes, and has completely ignored this latest cultural trend.

And it\’s posting bigger profits than ever.

While it\’s not always sensible to ignore the wider changes in the modern world (Nike needs to keep up with modern technology for athletes and McDonald\’s, facing a threat from Starbucks to their breakfast business, introduced the McCafe line to keep up with trend), sometimes it pays to stick at doing what you do best.

What is it that you do best?

And why are you trying to change it?

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