How Tasty Is Your \”Business Smoothie\”?



If you examine successful businesses, you\’ll see that they share many delicious traits. Great brands are inspiring machines that thrive on various tricks and ideas blended together to create something powerful. Fantastic leadership and a unique vision should be at the heart of your “business smoothie” but you need a few more ingredients to really get the party started.

Mix together the following, and your business should thrive.

Passion. Great leaders love the brands they\’ve created and are passionate about them. It\’s that unstoppable desire to see any challenge through that will take your business to the next level. If you love what you do, the rest is gravy.

Focus. Having tunnel vision is bad if you\’re talking about a making a marriage work, but in business, having a lazer-sharp focus, and not caring about what anyone else is doing is a key ingredient to success. Keep your blinders on, and keep moving forward.

Consistency.  This is key. The most successful brands are reliable. They are always there when you need them, they look familiar and you can trust them. If you\’re not there 24/7 for your customers, believe me, soon, they will not be there for you.

Innovation:  Big brands put innovation at the top of their list. They never stop trying to improve, even if sometimes they miss (anyone remember when Coca-Cola changed their recipe?). If they don\’t settle for what they have, why should you?

Flexibility. Having the ability to change is key to keeping your brand fresh. Both Virgin and Apple started out with different goals to the ones they have now. Do you think Richard Branson\’s first mission statement mentioned flying to space? Of course not, but he\’s always been open to change.

And finally, a competitive spirit! All flourishing brands want to be the best. That\’s how they motivate themselves, and by doing that, the customer is always the one to benefit. Step up your game, and you won\’t go far wrong. If you’re not ready to compete – it’s defeat!

Now blend carefully and you should have one healthy, tasty biz.


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