5 Ways to Tweet Better

The Pope is now Tweeting – and so should you (His Holiness @pontifex has nearly 1.5 million followers).


In fact, Twitter now has more than half a billion globally registered profiles, with over 142 million users in the USA alone, tweeting around 175 million times a day. The most popular events on Twitter (American Idol, the Presidential Election, anything Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga related) generate tens of thousands of tweets every second, and 69% of users follow others based on recommendations from friends. Everyone has something to say, and everyone wants in.

Twitter has become one of the most powerful business marketing tools in the world.
So if you haven\’t got a Twitter account – get one fast – and if you have, here are five ways to increase your profile in the Twittersphere.

Customize Your Twitter Bio. Jazz up your profile to reflect your fabulous personality. Succinctly sum up everything that is relevant about you and your business, and don\’t forget to include your website url.

Use a Great Picture.

Get a friend to take an up-to-date, clear and sassy headshot, and upload it to your Twitter profile page. Your company logo is good for your business Twitter account but not for your personal one.

Connect to your Followers.

Don\’t throw out boring, sludgy tweets – start a discussion, offer tips, retweet anything you think your followers might find interesting and be humorous (if appropriate), whenever possible.

Share a Personal Story.

People love to hear an entertaining story, even if it\’s in just 140 characters, so share something that happened to you recently, particularly if it\’s relevant to your business. It could include a photo of an event (and takes a mere moment to upload).

Track Your Twitter Reach.

A little knowledge can go a long way. Read other people\’s tweets and try to increase your followers by getting involved in Twitter events such as #FF “Follow Friday”, where you suggest new followers to others. Also, a site like Tweet Graderhttp://tweet.grader.com/ can show you how influential you are on Twitter.

So get Tweeting, and reach new heights, and new clients!

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