How To Turn Your Customers Into Cheerleaders


Your customers have big mouths – bigger than ever. But that can be a good thing!

You only have to look at the success of Trip Advisor, Yelp or Angie\’s List to realise that word-of-mouth promotes the strongest message. For PR purposes, nothing beats it. Which means that when your happy customers tell the world about you and your services, more will come knocking.

Social media gives your customers a platform to say what they like about your business and while this might seem reckless or make you shiver at your lack of control, it can also be a positive. You just have to learn to embrace the good with the bad. If you can remedy a negative situation quickly and efficiently, you can turn it into an opportunity to improve customer relations.

Here are three ways to generate the kind of positive message an array of cheerleaders would be proud to chant:

Punch up your social interaction.

Sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and Yelp allow customers to share their thoughts on their smartphones as their wait for their dessert, or car to be smogged. So get online too – ever thought about having a live Twitter chat with your customers? Building a personal connection can only strengthen your customer relations.

Reward customer loyalty.

I cannot tell you important this is and how few people do it well enough. Your clients will feel cherished if you thank them for their business. A simple \’thank you\’ is okay but loyalty or discount cards are better. Or how about awarding a money off deal to your \’Customer of the Month\’ on Facebook? Who wouldn\’t have good things to say about that?

Give customers a reason to talk about you.

Customers won\’t talk about an average experience but they will rave about an awesome one. Every time you deal with the public it has to be exceptional, and that\’s why they\’ll spread the word. There\’s a sushi restaurant I go to where when you walk in the door everybody screams \’Hello!\’ The place is too dark, and the food is average but the experience is so divine we go back for celebrations all the time. What\’s your one awesome?


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