Why Be A Secret When You Can Be A Success?

Why Be A Secret When You Can Be A Success?

If you\’re a business that needs to build your profile, finding the money to spend on your marketing budget is essential .

Why take the time to build up your business, only to hide it away?

You wouldn\’t do that if you were dating. Think about it – you don\’t get an expensive haircut, put on your dazzling red dress and high heels, or tux, only to stay at home in the hope that Mr or Mrs Right will come knocking at your door. Because that happens all the time, doesn\’t it?

No, you put the time and money into a strategy, and you get out there.

Marketing for me is divine inspiration from a higher power. I live, love and thrive by marketing. I marketed to get my husband (the right one). I marketed our block to join forces to contact the city to get the street repaved (it worked), and I marketed my family to have Halloween be our essential, always play full-out family celebration (You’re never too old for fun and only have 70 to play for before you\’re dead, right?!) And I consistently market my business, which is why you\’re reading this mailer.

Unfortunately, in today\’s financial climate the first thing that businesses tend to cut is the marketing budget, and that\’s a big, fat mistake. Your marketing strategy needs to be an integral part of your business plan and expenditure. Embrace it. Nurture it. Do it.

A recent survey of businesses with less than 1,000 employees, found that more than half of those companies had an annual marketing budget of less than $1,000. That\’s serious business suicide.

Put the time in, put the money in, and sweat it out. It\’s like going to the gym, you need to be consistent to see results.

Because if you don\’t have a structured marketing plan, when the phone stops ringing, it\’s going to be a long, tough journey back, while you wait to generate new income, new clients and new possibilities.

So don\’t sit at home in your red dress or tux, wondering why no-one is showing up to the party.

Stop being a secret.

Be sassy, be strategic and be successful. Spend some money, strut your stuff and I’ll see you in the Winner’s Circle.

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