Thoroughly Modern Marketing

Thoroughly Modern Marketing

This morning I hit the ground running. I started with a satellite media tour, followed by an hour-long international Skype conference, before hosting a half hour \’tweet up\’ for a new client.

The only other thing I did before noon, that could have been achieved before 2005, was brew a fresh pot of coffee. And the coffee like everything else that morning, was a joy. Jane Jetson would be proud of my thoroughly modern marketing.

Technology is a powerful too, and even more so if you not only swim with the current but stay current.

I\’m shocked at how many people resist progress and change but as a parent, business owner and human being, I understand how important it is to give new things a try. I have instilled in my child the notion that he should always get out of his comfort zone – and the same goes for business, because how are you going to know if something works for you if you don\’t give it a go?

Often, it\’s only by trying something previously unknown to us, that we get new results, find new clients and forge new relationships.

So when it come to our ever-changing business landscape, and the gadgets, gizmos, widgets, apps and devices we are being gifted daily by the Silicon Valley brainiacs, ask yourself this:

What tools can I use that will make my business thrive?

Then point yourself in the right direction, and go.

Let me know where your new technology endeavors take you, and I’ll see you in the Winner’s Circle.

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