Why I Broke My Cardinal Rule of Marketing



This summer I broke my own cardinal rule of marketing – be consistent.

I tell it to clients all the time: “Whatever you chose to, be consistent with it. Consistency is king.” Because with consistency comes business growth, brand recognition and marketing strength.

But I didn’t pay attention to any of that this summer. I was pretending I was European and took the month of August off from writing, which is why my regular-as-clockwork Black Ink mailer didn\’t appear in your inbox.

But for good reason. I built sandcastles with my kid, planned a karate birthday party, cooked meals with more than three ingredients for my husband (well I tried – there\’s a reason why I have a pantry full of Kraft Mac & Cheese) and took time out for myself.

I stepped back, examined things, planned, strategized, created and decided where I wanted to go.

And while I was doing that, I also dedicated some of my summer to working on exciting projects for my treasured clients – I attended New York Fashion Week (where my kid met supermodels and my husband also enjoyed the local sights), and co-ordinated a press trip for the Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast Food and Wine Festival.

The joyous revelation was that my summer break helped me to remember
why I\’m a publicist, and why I love what I do.
Reviewing and reflecting on my business means I can now do it better.

I didn\’t know how much I was missing by never stopping but I\’ve learned that stopping is okay.

So here\’s my new cardinal rule – plan a big break every summer from now on*.

And with that, I promise to be consistent.

*supermodels optional

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