Opposites Attract…Great Publicity

Read how I played Mom contrarian and this favorite family photo got printed



Here\’s a Black Ink PR Pro Tip that\’s guaranteed to get you ink: be a contrarian.

Don\’t take the opposite view on this (see what I did there?) because to make yourself heard above the crowd, you need to be able to express the opposite view.

Simply put, if you can clearly present a compelling viewpoint for the other side, the press will come calling. It\’s journalism 101.

Soundbite heaven is a controversial view expressed succinctly and with charm.

It’s why the airwaves pump up people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher and the ladies on The View – their viewpoints are forthright and they know how to pushing an agenda.

Because in the media, someone is always needed to be able to represent the other side of the coin.  

Case in point: earlier this summer while I was teaching a group of young PR students, as an example of demonstrating the contrarian viewpoint, I answered a media query about Red Shirting Children.

I took a very strong, vehement and dogmatic viewpoint as to WHY IT SHOULDN’T BE DONE.

My viewpoint, story and photo were used almost verbatim as I declared them. Here\’s a link to the article by Galit Breen from AllParenting.com : http://www.allparenting.com/my-family/articles/968487/real-moms-discuss-kindergarten-redshirting 

As you can see, I didn\’t hold back – but I was concise, entertaining and informative. And look at that awesome photo! Here are the three most important things to remember when putting together an opposite point of view:

  1. Don\’t hold back. If you\’re going to argue a case, argue it thoughtfully, fairly and clearly. And be prepared to fight when your opposite number tries to talk you down.
  2. Don\’t argue for the sake of it. I\’m not suggesting you disagree with your partner\’s decision to eat Italian instead of Mexican but simply to use a contrary argument when it pays you to do so for publicity
  3. Be entertaining. If you\’re going to fight for the opposite, and sometimes less popular side, do it with passion, humor and a winning smile!

It takes chutzpah, bravery and the desire to clearly express a strong thought to be a contrarian – but the rewards can be spectacular (although popularity is not often guaranteed).

So go fight!

And with this PR PRO tip, I look forward to seeing you in “The Winner’s Circle”.


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