Every business should treat them themselves a little cheesecake.

Definitely the edible kind but I\’m also talking about a cheap PR trick GUARANTEED to you your client on TV: bathing suits and B-roll.

If you can find a way to connect you, your product or client to bathing suits – and then show good looking people wearing bathing suits – you will get air time. Fact.

We all know what a bathing suit is but for the unintiated, B-roll is the extra footage captured to enrich the story you’re telling. B-roll provides you with images other than talking heads to show, the shots that add another colorful dimension to your story.

I was able to get a jewelry client of mine a plum gig at the Miss Malibu beauty pageant, which meant that every gorgeous bikini-wearing girl in the show would be wearing her jewelry.

In order to have a story to tell, I decided that belly-chains would be making a comeback – and so, on a clear but chilly day in September, my client\’s belly-chains were the talk of the town.

The pageant – which incidentally was held at Cher\’s old beach house giving it a sweet celebrity connection – was covered by more then 100 media outlets, all showing B-roll of girls in bikinis and close ups of my client\’s sexy accessories. Win, win and win.

So find yourself someone who looks good in a bathing suit and work them into YOUR STORY.

Because everybody loves cheesecake.

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