What Are You The Solution To?


Can you pitch a product and solve a problem?

If so, you are almost guaranteed to get press.

Put simply, no media outlet will give valuable airtime, column inches or space to someone who doesn\’t have an attractive product or solution.

My favorite example of a problem pitched to perfection – and then expertly solved – was invented by my client, the entrepreneur Nicole Manns.

Her genius tool, Nikki\’s Magic Wand, allows you to reach where normal make-up applicators can\’t. You get to use all of what\’s in the tube leaving nothing wasted.

She was pitching the product but I was able to position the solution (hence why she needed a great publicist – wink wink).

I repositioned her amazing creation as the way to solve your common beauty headache, and labelled my press pitch, “Get To The Bottom of Your Beauty Problem”.

“Nikki’s Magic Wand, Revolutionary Savior of Expensive Cosmetics, Goes Global.”

“Save Hundreds of Cosmetics Dollars; Look like a Million Bucks Doing it.”

I highlighted what it cost to not have the solution. Here are the stats: around 20% of make-up is left in the tube, and that\’s money down the drain. On an average $100-a-month make-up budget, the wand can save consumers up to $240 a year. Wow.

Ms. Manns had hit the jackpot with her idea, particularly relevant in a recession, and so I was delighted to be able to share it with the world.

I secured her press in Allure magazine by presenting the wand as a solution to every woman\’s beauty problem.

Here\’s how it was presented on Allure.com

So what product or service can you pitch, and what problem can you solve?

What\’s your Magic Wand?

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