Welcome to The Winners Circle and First Ever Niche Genie Award from Black Ink PR







\"About About to enjoy a kayak ride in Morro Bay – and then we went to eat at Rose\’s Landing

Congratulations to Rose\’s Landing Bar & Grill, the first business to be indoctrinated into Black Ink PR’s prestigious Winner’s Circle, in 2014.

They are also the first ever recipient of our Niche Genie Award for inventiveness, sass and pure marketing genius.

Why? Because they have nailed truly specific niche market with a great big pay off, and for almost no money. Rose\’s Landing, we salute you.

At the Winner\’s Circle, we are constantly seeking the flashes of genius that put a business or individual above the rest of the pack. They delivered.

On a trip to Morro Bay with my family, my husband and I were overwhelmed by the choice of where to eat. It\’s a beautiful part of central California and one of my favorite destinations – but where could I take my husband and six-year-old son for lunch that would service all our needs?

The solution presented itself with Rose\’s Bar & Grill. Unlike any other restaurant in the area – and there were maybe 15 other choices – they had a flag outside advertising kid\’s meals for $3.99. Simple.

But the genius didn\’t end there. Kid\’s were also offered crayons and paper, plus a gift from their super-fun pirate\’s treasure chest, which also had Olympic medals in there during the Olympics. They even added some current relevancy into their kid’s prizes! Brilliant. I wanted to hug Rose, whoever she was!

My kid kept asking at the table, “When do I get to play in the pirate\’s chest?” and the waiter looked at him, smiling and said, “When you\’ve finished your food.” I loved him too. And our son loved his Olympic “winner” medal that he pulled out of their pirate’s treasure chest; it still hangs on his door.

The restaurant is also next to an arcade and candy shop, so after lunch, we toured their shop and our kid ate sugar, also one of his favorite pastimes.

But here\’s why Rose\’s Landing gets our Niche Genie Award; because while the kids are busy eating their flagged $3.99 grilled cheese, and playing with their treasure chest gift, delighted parents are sipping delicious Pina Coladas by the ocean and eating full price main course dishes. This was a super impressive pay off for almost no money. The restaurant bills itself on their website as \’family friendly\’ and they truly are. Everyone left happy.

They took the kid\’s meal – something that parent\’s hate spending $8 or more for – and advertised it at $3.99. By making it a fair cheap price, all the parent\’s chose it. They super-niched and I\’d choose them again.

So welcome to The Winner’s Circle Rose\’s Landing Bar & Grill, you are a PR PRO and creative breath of fresh air – and congratulations on your coveted Niche Genie Award!

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