What Is Your 15 Second Pitch?


If you can\’t tell me what you\’re pitching in 15 seconds, then I ain\’t buying.

The 15-second pitch is also known as the \’elevator\’ pitch – the time it takes to sell your idea to someone before they step out of the elevator.

It\’s not a myth, deals have been made on 15-second pitches and you don’t want to be the person who misses their moment because you\’re under-prepared.

The 15-second pitch isn\’t simply a sales technique. It\’s also very handy to be able to speak in short, pithy soundbites, particularly if you are looking to be asked to speak on the radio or television.

So, to construct your 15-second pitch, why not start with your Twitter pitch.

What can you tell me about your business in 140 characters?

What sets your pitch apart from other ideas out there?

Can you list any key clients?

Expand your pitch to add two to three benefits (or selling points).

What is the \’wow\’ factor?

Once you\’ve answered these questions, put it all together in a 15-second speech.

Tape yourself saying it out loud. Stand in an elevator and tell it to a friend (suck up the embarrassment factor).

Practice until it\’s perfect but be prepared to refine it as your business grows.

Get this right, the next time you need to impress a potential client, investor or media professional, your pitch will be absolutely perfect.

Going up?

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