How to Get on the Red Carpet – A TASTY Recipe


Everyone dreams of winning an award and strutting on the red carpet.  But how do you get there? Here’s a recipe for how Black Ink PR gets clients into the spotlight. Whether you’re a travel destination, a hotel, a restaurant, chef, attraction, lifestyle guru or creative entrepreneur we serve up success.

Our client, Visit San Luis Obispo County, recently scooped a prestigious Outstanding Food Event \’Tasty\’ award – the lifestyle industries version of the Oscar – for their culinary spectacular Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast.

Awards like this don’t happen on their own, there is usually an enormous amount of PR happening behind the scenes. Here’s how we did it for our client.

But first, here is our shameless red carpet shot. As you can see from the photo we had a lot of fun posing Hollywood style.


How exactly did we help to whip up such a delicious result?


Here\’s the recipe in numbers:

Three years of dedicated hard work by the Black Ink PR team, including:

10,000 emails to and from the many strategically selected journalists we invited to the event.

75 hours of conference calls with the client team.

300 texts sent to journalists on site during the event.

4 Tweets Ups averaging # tweets engaging targeted consumers.

15 perfectly-timed and crafted press releases.

150 hours of pitching and follow upto target media.

250 Facebook posts; Tweets and other social media posts too many to count.

187 cups of coffee (a very conservative count) and more fast food than I would ever confess to my doctor.

3 swear words we would never let our client, or kids, hear.


Our public relations efforts for the event this year alone garnered over 300 million total media impressions with a publicity value of $46.9 million. This exposure directly influenced the Tasty Award win for our client. It was a PR bull’s-eye and a magnificent PR coup, which will live on for years, elevating our client’s brand and attracting more visitors.

The take-out here is that are no shortcuts. Like the slow food movement, this campaign involved long-haul thinking.

And the secret sauce? It doesn\’t hurt to have a creative, dedicated and focused full-of-moxie, kick-ass PR team behind you!

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