Everything Is PR (Whether You Think It Is Or Not)


(Whether You Think It Is Or Not)


PR is everything. Public relations should be at the forefront of every choice you make for you or your company. Think your company can’t afford to hire a publicist? We think you can’t afford not to.

Every photo you share, every word you share, every fragment of information you share is PR. All the information you put out into the world will either increase your know, like and trust factor or take away from it. The choices you make in public will either attract consumers or repel them. Whether or not you’re conscious about it almost every person and business on planet earth is currently engaged in a full on pr campaign.


And it’s never been more important to get it right than it is right now.

Your brand is PR

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is PR

Your website is PR

Your journalist outreach is PR

Your email marketing newsletter is PR

Your email signature is PR

Your Facebook feed is PR

Your Twitter feed is PR

Your Instagram or Pinterest is PR

Your headshot is PR

Your resume is PR

Bring your mother to a work party, then even she is PR.


Whatever you put up online you now have to think of as public relations and marketing, and because of that you can’t afford to not do it well. In fact, if you’re in business or a business owner, you have to be extraordinary at it because there’s so much out there now to distract the very people you need to attract.

Why? Simple. Social media interactions have become core to everything we do and the information you now share can be used as a weapon against you, or if you’re savvy (and that’s what we want), to your benefit.

Every choice you make showcases the brand that you are. So pay attention and embrace it – and if you don\’t know what to do, or believe you can’t do it well, hire a publicist or get PR coaching. We’re here to help support and strategize your success. And if your brand needs an update, we can help with that too.


Remember, everything is PR. #everything



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